Hyper-Realistic Iceberg Paintings

icebergs zaria forman

As you look at this series of pictures showing the Icebergs of artist Zaria Forman, what is your first thought? You might believe they are retouched photographs. You might even believe they are 3D renderings. You are wrong. All of these images are painting created with pastel paints and the unbelievable talent of Zaria Forman to create hyper-realistic pictures. The depth of the images, the shading, reflections, lighting, and colors are all carefully created with Zaria’s paintbrush and careful mixing of the pastel paints. Even when you step close to a painting you doubt the reality that they are created with paint. The water glistens. The ice glares. The frothing crash of the waves convinces you they must be photographs, but amazingly they are all from her fingers.

You can explore more of Zaria’s amazing hyper-realistic creations on her website.








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